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Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance In Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the financial security you can add to your property. Whether it is residential, secondary, or commercial property, you need to protect your assets, and that's best suited with an umbrella insurance policy from San Jacinto Insurance.

Is Umbrella Insurance Required?

If you are looking into umbrella insurance, remember that this type of insurance is optional but is highly recommended. The state of Texas will not require it for any of your properties. This supplemental liability insurance policy kicks in after you have exhausted your primary liability for the year. If you choose not to have umbrella insurance and are found liable in court, you could be forced to sell some or all of your assets.

How Much Umbrella Insurance Do I Need?

Now that you are interested in umbrella insurance, you need to know how much you need for your protection. Since this is a secondary liability policy, you want it to cover the total value of your assets. Anything that you own that can be used against you and sold to cover expenses you owe should be covered in this policy. Immediately, this includes the following:

  • Homes
  • Land
  • Vehicles
  • Businesses
  • Recreational toys and vehicles
  • Equipment
  • Savings Accounts
  • Retirement policies
  • IRAs

Another asset that is often forgotten is future assets that can be earned. Depending on the situation, some responsible parties have not only been forced to pay current amounts after being sued but are required to make future payments based on potential wealth. When building your umbrella insurance policy, you should cover your salary and potential salary for at least the next ten years.

Get Your Policy Today

If you are ready to protect your assets and everything you have worked for, let our San Jacinto Insurance team help you with your umbrella insurance policy. We will review your assets and help you get a quote for a policy that fits your needs. Contact us today for more information.

Our Insurance Coverage

When it comes to insurance, more is better than less. We can help you get the following coverages:

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